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Municipal water treatment with ion exchange resins and iron oxide adsorbers

Municipal services, such as drinking water supply, waste water treatment, and waste disposal, play a crucial role in our communities. The purity of drinking water is of utmost importance as it is a vital resource for our well-being. Responsible treatment practices are necessary to ensure a continuous cycle that transforms waste water into clean water suitable for various purposes like consumption, agriculture, and industrial use. Proper storage and disposal methods must be employed to prevent waste products and potential pollutants from entering the water cycle. Unfortunately, this guarantee is not always met, leading to the need for complex treatment operations.

Ion exchange resins offer a unique advantage in the treatment of drinking water and waste water due to their ability to selectively bind ions. Specifically, specialized grades of Lewatit® ion exchange resins can effectively remove harmful elements like iron or manganese from drinking water, as well as trace amounts of pollutants such as arsenic and lead. Groundwater can also be efficiently treated using these resins, effectively capturing detrimental constituents like chromate, nitrate, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), surfactants, and perchlorate. In waste water treatment, both ionic and non-ionic contaminants, which could otherwise disrupt the operation of biological water treatment plants or pose risks to the environment, can be efficiently removed.

LANXESS offers a comprehensive range of specialized ion exchange resins and inorganic adsorbers designed to meet specific requirements for various applications. Finding the ideal product for your specific needs is made easy.

Additionally, LANXESS provides inorganic adsorbers, known as Bayoxide®, which can be utilized in municipal drinking water and waste water treatment. These technical iron oxide adsorbers are available in granular form and are based on well-defined crystalline α-ferric oxide hydroxide structures. They are particularly effective in removing substances like arsenic and phosphate from drinking water or waste water, while also capable of capturing other metal ions and oxyanions. The Bayoxide® products operate through a continuous fixed bed process, selectively purifying the contaminated water. This technology can be seamlessly and economically integrated into existing facilities.




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