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MBR Membranes

Memstar is the membrane production arm of CITIC Envirotech (CEL) Group, a Singapore listed company, specializing in technologically advanced membrane-based water & wastewater treatment. We are equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities in Singapore, China, and USA, a global and experienced sales and technical support staff , and strong R&D capabilities.

Màng MBR

Their proprietary membrane technologies include high performance PVDF hollow fiber (HF) products for membrane bioreactor (MBR). These products are used in various applications including surface & sea water treatment, municipal waste water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, pretreatment for reverse osmosis, and point of use (POU) desalination for residential markets. With >400 installations treating >6,000,000 m3/day (>1.6 billion gallons/day) of water, we are within a select group of manufacturers with a reputation of delivering consistently high quality products to meet any need.

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