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Application & effectiveness of ultrafiltration (UF) membranes in the field of water treatment

Today's trend of UF membranes is very popular because of the benefits that it brings. So what do you know about UF membranes?

Introduction of UF membrane filter

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UF membrane for industrial use

UF (Ultra Filtration) membrane, also known as permeable hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, each membrane fiber has a white, tubular shape, when filtered by UF allows water to go from the inside out or from the outside into the tube thanks to pressure force of water flow, when we plug one end of the pipe or bend the pipe in a (U) shape. Under the pressure of the flow of water, the water will permeate through the capillaries with sizes ranging from 0.1~0.001 microns (µm). The larger the molecules, the viruses and bacteria will be trapped and discharged.

Structure of the UF membrane filter

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Structure of the UF . filter

  • Hollow fiber, white color
  • Membrane body material: UPVC
  • Membrane material: hydrophilic PVC
  • Terminal material: epoxy resin
  • Working temperature: 0~35ºC
  • Working pH range: 2~13
  • Chlorine Resistance: 100ppm
  • Excessive chlorine content: 200ppm
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.3Mpa
  • Filtration turbidity < 0.1NTU

The principle of operation of the UF membrane

Ultra Filtration (UF) is a filtration technology that uses low pressure to remove large particles from water. Under a pressure of 1.5~3kgf/cm², purified water, mineral salts and ionic molecules smaller than the filter hole (0.1- 0.001 micron) will "pass" through the membrane easily to create a source of pure water.

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Working principle of ultrafiltration membrane UF

Ultra Filtration membranes can operate on two principles:

From the outside to the inside: The filter layer is located outside the membrane, the water with pollutants is pushed in from the outside into the filter, all harmful substances are retained outside the membrane. only pure mineral water, purified water after filtration is collected inside the filter.

From the inside out: The filter layer is located inside the membrane, the water with pollutants is penetrated from the inside of the membrane. Clean water after filtration is collected outside the filter.
The effect of the UF . filter

UF membrane filter with size from 0.1~0.001micron (µm) can filter out impurities smaller than bacteria, remove grease, metal hydroxide, colloids, emulsions, suspended solids badger and most large molecules from water and other solutions such as (pollen, algae, parasites, viruses, and pathogens...) and especially can kill bacteria up to 99.9% seemingly like no more bacteria. Larger molecules such as impurities, viruses, bacteria will be trapped and discharged. Through all the most rigorous filtration steps from the filter cartridges, filters and UF ultrafiltration membranes, a source of ultra-pure water ensures optimal health for everyone to use.

Some typical features of Ultra Filtration technology:

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Industrial UF Membrane

  • The UF filter is made up of small tubes about 1.3mm in size. A UF filter is made up of many small filter tubes, so its filtration area is very large, increasing the ability to treat water many times.
  • The service life of this filter is quite high, from 3 to 5 years.
  • The filtration process takes place under normal conditions, low pressure, so the system consumes less power
  • The filter size and the whole system are compact, easy to install in many different places
  • Simple operation process, does not need a lot of processing workers
  • High durability, helping the filter material not penetrate into the water source
  • Used in bottled water production lines
  • The filtration process takes place at normal temperature (0~35°C) and low pressure (1~5 bar), so it consumes less power, cutting operating costs significantly. The size of the system is compact, the structure is simple, so it does not take up installation space.
  • No waste water like RO, big savings for users.
  • The operation process is simple, does not require a lot of labor.
  • Membrane structure and materials are homogenous using mechanical filtration, so they do not change the chemical properties of the water source.
  • The filter material does not penetrate the water source, ensuring purity throughout the treatment process.

Application of UF water filter membrane

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Application of UF ultrafiltration membrane

  • In industry: UF membranes are used in water treatment for chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, and wastewater treatment.
  • In daily life: UF membranes are used in household water purifiers, total domestic filtration systems and pre-treatment systems of RO systems, aquaculture water treatment, etc.
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