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Q+ Projection Software
Q+ is a RO system design software that estimates the membrane performance

Q+ v3.3 For Windows (New Version)

New Features on v3.33 :

  • Output of system flow diagram in the design report
  • Automated back-calculation of designs with multiple pass flow rates
  • Improved accuracy of system projections

Optimal screen resolution for Q+ is 1920 x 1080.

* If you have problem installing Q+ projection software, please check ‘Q+ Installation Troubleshooting’ document.

Q+ v3.1 for Mac (New Version)

Q+ Installation troubleshooting

Video tutorial

PWT Prodose XPRT 3.0(New Version)

PWT Prodose XPRT 3.0

The new version includes a host of stability and calculation improvements:

- Expanded cleaner and antiscalant product options

- Refined dosage response to ion saturation levels

- New base dosing function for pH control

- Modernized report

(Please contact ATS Water Technology to obtain an activation key using PWT Prodose XPRT 3.0 software.)

Pentair X-Flow Xpert Web App

Pentair X-Flow's Xpert Web App has outstanding features:

- Allows the design of the entire filtration system, including all the ancillary equipment and operating requirements included in a membrane system.

- Help choose and design a system with the membrane type and configuration that best suits your water supply.

(Source:Pentair X-Flow )

Introduction video: Pentair X-Flow Xpert

Amiad Parts Center

- Amiad Parts Center is a tool to help support the selection of spare parts (Spare Parts) for all Amiad filter devices.

-Easily choose replacement parts through 4 simple steps: Search, select, request and receive goods.

-Amiad Parts Center has a friendly and easy-to-use interface that helps customers easily choose replacement parts quickly.

(Source:Amiad )

About the Amiad Parts Center

Mpure Design

- Mpure Design is an application that supports the design and selection of MEGA EDI equipment suitable for your water treatment system.

- Easy-to-use interface, support detailed calculation

(Source:MEGA )

Download MPure Design