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AQSEP Desalination System

AqSep is an international company with its prime activity in research, development and production of water desalination  systems utilizing and combining the latest technology developed in close cooperation with Danfoss A/S, a global leader within mechanical and electronic components for the industry.

Hệ RO nước biển AQSEP

Their products help minimizing the disadvantages in water scarcity by supplying small water desalination  systems with record low energy consumption, hence one of the smallest carbon emission footprints in decentralised water supply systems, to the convenience of modern life as well as to a safer and cleaner environment.

ATS Water Technology Co., Ltd is the official exclusive distributor in Vietnam for many big and reputable brands in the water treatment industry such as: LG NanoH2O, Pentair X-Flow | Codeline | Aqualine, PWT, Piedmont, Danfoss, Aqsep, Antech, Amiad, MEGA, Aquaporin, ePore… with high quality products for water treatment systems such as RO membranes and shells, UF, NF, FO membranes, disc filters | mesh filter, anti-scale chemical and membrane washing, specialized pipe shackles, metering and control pumps, EDI, conventional and high-flow Aqualine filter cores...