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Cartridge Filters

The business goal of ePore is making the well-being of people better with innovative and reliable products. We want to produce the best quality products only, ranging from porous tube to cartridge filter. Ultimate goal of ePore is to gain trust from communities and clients. ePore is seeking to grow further by providing better and innovative services and technologies. We will work hard to obtain the utmost satisfaction from clients. We will always develop new products before anybody else, and we constantly study what the clients need most.
Lõi lọc ePore

Advantages of ePore micro filter:
- Quality products, manufactured based on the most advanced technology
- Provides deep filtration, ensuring system safety
- Widely applied in many industries: F&B, pharmaceutical, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, plating,...
- Diversity of filter products to meet all different requirements.
- Production materials are on the FDA list suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical products
- Directly made in Korea

ATS Water Technology Co., Ltd is the official exclusive distributor in Vietnam for many big and reputable brands in the water treatment industry such as: LG NanoH2O, Pentair X-flow | Codeline | Aqualine, PWT, Piedmont, Danfoss, Aqsep, Antech, Amiad, MEGA, Aquaporin, ePore… with high quality products for water treatment systems such as RO membranes and shells, UF, NF, FO membranes, disc filters | mesh filter, anti-scale chemical and membrane washing, specialized pipe shackles, metering and control pumps, EDI, conventional and high-flow Aqualine filter cores...

ATS Water Technology is the leading supplier of water technology products in Vietnam and a reliable partner for contractors!