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Reverse Osmosis Systems


A reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system is a water purification system that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities and dissolved ions that cannot be filtered by conventional filtration technologies. The RO membrane needs high pressure depending on the concentration of dissolved solids (ions) in the water to push the ions of the water through the membrane while other ions are trapped and discharged out in a continuous waste stream with a rate of recovery. determined return. There are many different types of RO membranes according to different purposes, concentrated in two areas: brackish water filtration (Brackish Water RO - BWRO) and salt water (Sea Water RO - SWRO). Today, RO membranes are used in almost all areas of life from civil to industrial and service.

Because of the ability to remove ions and mainly only let water pass, the concentration of ions on the surface of the RO membrane becomes more and more concentrated and is likely to be scaled when it exceeds the saturation threshold of scale causing substances. Therefore, usually in industrial RO filtration systems, it is necessary to add specialized anti-scale chemicals from the inlet. In addition, to ensure the RO membrane operates in the best condition, UF membrane is often used as a pre-treatment for RO systems, most commonly found in wastewater reuse systems and seawater filtration systems. into fresh water.

RO membranes are usually mounted in housings using FRP (FRP RO pressure vessels).

RO water purification systems are used for:

- Water treatment for ice production

- Desalination, desalination in water

- Advanced water treatment, wastewater reuse

- Water treatment for hotel restaurant systems, office buildings and residential areas

- Water treatment for laboratories, research institutes

Application in industrial production: pharmaceutical, food, beverage, brewery, water treatment for cooling tower, boiler,....

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