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Ultrafiltration Systems

The UF system of ATS Water Technology Co., Ltd. uses the UF membrane of Pentair X-Flow and the necessary equipment for the process to work automatically and is selected and designed with Pentair X-Flow Xpert Web App.

Unfiltered raw water will be pumped into the UF membrane through a system of valves and automatic pressure / flow control along with the membrane washing process using a backwash pump in water washing programs (Hydraulic clean - HC). ) and chemical enhanced backwash (CEB) periodically according to a pre-designed program depending on the water source. The UF filtered water will be used to wash the membrane.

Depending on the application, water source, TSS, turbidity… UF systems can be designed based on configuration:
- AQUAFLEX (single membrane for vertical mounting with or without FRP housing)
- X-LINE (membrane mounted vertically and collectively connected in rows with X-line quick couplers)
- XIGA (horizontal installation of 2-4 membranes in 1 FRP housing)

ATS Water Technology Co., Ltd.  supplies a full line of standard customizable UF systems, that includes X-line, Aquaflex skid design with circulation flow, air flushing or coagulant/chemical dosing for different application & types of water