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Codeline Ecoline 40L30N

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ATS Water Technology offers Codeline Ecoline 40L30N, which is membrane housing series of 4” diameter with end entry design. This is used for commercial RO application in operating pressure of 300 PSI.  These are made up of epoxy/ glass composite to meet the demands of long term and continuous use. Codeline 40L30N can accommodate any standard 4” nominal diameter spiral-wound membrane element.

       Codeline 40L30N
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  • Single piece head assembly manufactured by engineering thermoplastics provides high strength and superior chemical resistance
  • Improved head seal captured in the head gives better sealing, minimizing leakage probability
  • Integrally formed locking  grooves provide better locking strength
  • Mirror finish ID for easy and quick loading and unloading of membranes
  • Exteriors coated with high gloss polyurethane paint for UV resistance
  • Head seal area is formed by mandrel surface; hence more accurate
  • Compact design for use in compact and low energy water treatment units
  • Quick lock head retention system for quick onsite maintenance



  • Compact design for use in compact and low-energy water treatment units
  • Quick locking mechanism: The user-friendly quick lock system eliminates the need for special removal tools and allows quick access to the membranes
  • Single-piece head assembly made of high-grade thermoplastics for high strength and superior chemical resistance
  • Improved head sealing: Integration into the end plug provides better sealing and avoids head seal roll
  • Integrally wound locking groove: enhanced end-margin strength for better performance





Codeline 40L30N

Drawing no.99373
Design/ Max. operating pressure300 PSI/20 Bar
Max. operating temperature120°F/ 49°C
Min. operating temperature20°F/- 7°C
Qualification pressure1200 PSI/82 Bar
Element length-B1(14”) -C1(21”) -1**); -2; -3


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