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HANS™ Model 2

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HANS Premium Water Model 2 is an intelligent modular RO system that uses proprietary filtration technology capable of removing up to 99.9% of contaminants in water. The HANS advanced water treatment modules are easily upgraded in capacity to meet all needs from urban to industrial.

Hans model 2

HANS Premium Water Model 2 is the first water treatment solution of its kind.

• Virtually contaminant free water
• Reduces TDS levels up to 3,000 parts per million
• Industry-best recovery rate of up to 90%
• Output of up to nine gallons per minute per unit
• Adds minerals for taste and pH balance
• Provides clean water for your whole business
• Continuously monitors water quality and usage
• Variable-speed pump that adjusts for fluctuations in water demand
• Automatically detects incoming TDS levels and adjusts to
compensate for fluctuations
• Designed for well water and municipal water using chlorine
or chloramines
• Does not require an add-on pressure tank

Four-stage system

1. Reduces sediment and debris
2. Reduces chlorine, chloramines and sulfur
3. Reduces lead, arsenic, PFAS, iron, hardness and a host
of other contaminants**
4. Reintroduces minerals for pH balance and better taste

Ideal installation verticals

• Commercial 

• Food & Beverage

• Industrial 

• Facilities Management

• Agriculture 

• Point of Entry or Point of Use


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