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The Aquaporin Inside® HFFO14 module is designed for Forward  Osmosis (FO) applications.  

Biomimetic hollow fiber module comprising an active layer of polyamide thin film composite (TFC) with integrated aquaporin Aquaporin Inside® HFFO14 module Aquaporin Inside® Membranes Hollow fiber forward osmosis module proteins.  The  addition  of  aquaporin  water  channels  into  the   rejection  layer  makes  the  Aquaporin  Inside®  FO  membrane   capable of rejecting difficult contaminants and preserving  valuable  components.  The  use  of  hollow  fibers  allows  for  a   very high packing density.





 mmm2                                 ft2LMHg/L
HFFO140.2013.8                     148.511 ± 1.50.15 ± 0.05

The stated product performance is based on following testing conditions: 0.5 M NaCl (2.9 %) draw vs DI water (FO mode), temperature: 25 oC (77 oF), single pass mode, counter-current flow, feed flow rate: 400 LPH, draw flow rate: 200 LPH, transmembrane pressure (TMP) feed to draw: 0.2 bar (2.9 psi).


Aquaporin Inside® HFFO14 module








Operating mode Counter-current flow,
ransmembrane pressure (TMP)
feed to draw
0.2 bar / 2.9 psi
pH and Temperature rangeapH 3-7 at 5-40 °C / 41-104 °F
pH 3-8 at 5-35 °C / 41-95 °F
pH 3-9 at 5-25 °C / 41-77 °F
Pre-filtrationb≤ 50 μm


a. It  is  of  utmost  importance  to  respect  the  ranges  for  the  different  pH  and  temperature combinations. If in doubt, contact Aquaporin A/S to assist with a case-specific evaluation.
b. The optimal pre-filtration is application dependent.
c. Under certain conditions, the presence of free chlorine and other oxidizing agents  will  cause  premature  membrane  failure.  Since  oxidation  damage  is  not  covered  under  warranty,  Aquaporin  A/S  recommends  removing  residual free chlorine by pre-treatment prior to membrane exposure.
d. Refer to cleaning guidelines in the User Manual.



Transmembrane pressure (TMP) feed to draw≤ 2 bar / 29.0 psi
Feed inlet pressure≤ 2 bar / 29.0 psi
Draw inlet pressure≤ 2 bar / 29.0 psi
Max. particle size≤ 50 μm
Free chlorine tolerancec< 0.1 mg/L


Clean-in-place (CIP)d

Temperature≤ 40 °C / 122 °F
pH range (feed side)2-11
pH range (draw side)2-7
Pressure ≤ 0.5 bar / 7.3 psi
Duration ≤ 20 min




  • Module  should  be  operated  in  vertical  position  with  feed  inlet  in  the top and draw inlet in the bottom.
  • It is recommended to rinse the module for 30 min, prior to first use.
  • It is advisable to pre-treat the feed solution to remove suspended solids.  Particles  might  damage  the  fibers  and  possibly  cause  a  decrease in performance.
  • Run feed solution prior to draw solution to avoid osmotic drying of the membrane.
  • Do  not  allow  the  module  to  run  dry  as  this  will  compromise  the  membrane performance.
  • Immediately  flush  the  module  on  feed  side  with  clean  water  for ≥ 30 min after use (draw side connections open).  
  • The  module  can  be  stored  at  room  temperature,  but  preferred storage is at 4 °C.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • To prevent biological growth during prolonged system shutdowns, the module should be immersed in a preservative solution. Rinse thoroughly before re-use.
  • Keep the module moist at all times after initial wetting.
  • The  information  provided  in  this  document  is  for  informative  pur-poses  only.  It  is  the  users  own  responsibility  to  ensure  appropri-ate usage of this product. Aquaporin A/S assumes no obligation, liability  or  damages  incurred  for  the  misuse  of  the  product  or  for  the information provided in this document. This document does not express or imply any warranty as to the merchantability or fitness of the products.


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