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Product Line: PIEDMONT
Type: PiperLink

Piedmont is pleased to announce that the company is launching a new product, the PiPerLinkTM permeate connector, at the Aquatech Amsterdam International Tradeshow.

The Piedmont Permeate Link, or PiPerLinkTM, is an integrated permeate connector that replaces complex multi-component assemblies and fits every reverse osmosis (“RO”) and ultrafiltration (“UF”) vessel brand, connection type, and connection size. The product delivers cost savings in design, manufacturing, and installation, and reduces the number of connections between the vessel and permeate or filtrate header, decreasing the risk of leakage.


  • solution for every RO/UF vessel brand, connection and size.
  • Versatility in design and variety of connection options that allows cost savings in the design, manufacturing and installation.
  • Improved hydrodynamic internal shape which leads to energy savings due to a lower pressure drop
  • 100% corrosion proof plastic material
  • Thermo-sealed (glue free)
  • Certified for drinking water and NSF-61 certification in process.


  • Single product with many connections options
  • Allows for sample / probe valve
  • Easy installation
  • Time saver
  • Leak proof


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