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Product Line: HANS™ Premium Water
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HANS™ has reinvented every component used to treat water — from the redundant pump to reverse osmosis elements — into intelligent, efficient, space-saving devices. They are designed to work together in modular, scalable systems to meet every need.

Modular, scalable, intelligent

hans quad rohans control app



Flow rates up to 16 GPM*
• TDS levels up to 3,000
• Recovery rates up to 95%**
• 4 large high-efficiency 6040 elements; 1,120 ft2 total area
• Small foot print – 39”L x 28”W x 53” H
• Outdoor-compatible – UV protection on all exterior parts
• Low energy requirements – 220v 15A
• Variable-speed DC drive pump for true
on-demand usage
• Does not require secondary storage tank
• Can run multiple units in parallel for higher-flow
• Fully automated system with screen and app
• OTA capable software updates
• Pretreatment required

RO with up to 95% recovery rate

The HANS Quad RO is the biggest disruption in water treatment in 50 years. It uses internal recirculation technology and parallel water feed to save water and money. Its modular design makes it easy to service without shutting down the whole system. The chart below shows how the HANS Quad RO stacks up against other makes.
RO System ComparisonHans Quad ROCompetitors
Waste WaterRecirculation technology allows for recovery rates as high as 95% and waste water rates as low as 5%. 50% maximum water recovery.
Energy ConsumptionDC drive, load-following pump, along with HE elements, allow forminimal energy use at all times.Single-speed AC pumps use up to 50% more power.
RedundancyModularity makes redundancy a designed-in feature.Complete duplication of equipmentrequied for redundancy.
WI-FISystem monitored online with status and alerts sent to mobile device.Software updates are done with the push of a button.Usually optional with limited capabilities.
Fully Automated ControlsAutomated control of reject flow, outlet pressure, outlet flow without turning knobs.Most operations and settings require manual setup and mainenance.
Automatic Pressure or Flow ControlVariable-speed pump allows system to maintain set pressure, or to maintain set flow rate.Single-speed pump that is either on or off with no settings.
RecirculationAutomated internal recirculation standard on each unit.Manually adjusted external recirculation can only be set as highas the last element in the series canhandle.
ArchitectureSystem elements run in parallel.This means that all elements treatthe same water quality, allowing for higher recovery rates.Elements run in series. This means that the first element in the seriesgets dirtier faster.
ServiceModularity allows a unit to be taken offline for service while the otherscontinue to run.Service requires entire system to be shut down.
Integration/compatibility ofcomponentsFully engineered modular components are designed to integrate easily and work together seamlessly, including pre-treatment, post-treatment and pump units.A hodgepodge of suppliers that are not designed to work together and require complex plumbing. Evenminor service issues requires shutdown of entire system.



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