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Product Line: LANXESS
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Lewatit® NM-60 is a highly regenerated mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a 1:1 chemically equivalent mixture of a type 1, strong base anion exchange resin and a strong acid cation exchange resin. Lewatit® NM-60 is specially treated for high conversion and low TOC to meet the most exacting standards of high purity water industry.

Lewatit® NM-60 is especially suitable:

» in mixed bed units for polishing after primary demineralization systems
» in process industries
» in electronic industries
» in small industrial plants (e.g. refilling of starter batteries or coolant circuits)
» for the removal of radioactive waste
» in demineralization systems
The special properties of this product can only be fully utilized if the technology and process used correspond to the current state-of-the-art. Further advice in this matter can be obtained from Lanxess Corporation.

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