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HANS™ Premium Water Modules

Modularity changes everything.

HANS™ has reinvented every component used to treat water – from the redundant pump to reverse osmosis elements into intelligent, efficient, space-saving devices. They are designed to work together in modular, scalable systems to meet every need. So even if your customers have brackish water, or need de-ionized water, or use a million gallons per day, HANS components can be assembled to get the job done – quickly, easily and effectively.


Dự phòng & bảo trì


Modular and scalable

Whether your business uses a little water or a lot, HANS Premium Water Appliances can meet the demand. Its modular design makes it possible for multiple units to operate in parallel. Need more water? Add more units. Need to service a unit? Simply take it offline while the other units keep running.

Hệ thống RO với tỷ lệ thu hồi lên đến 95%


RO with up to 95% recovery rate

With the HANS Quad RO, your customers can realize a recovery rate of up to 95%. That means far less wasted water, and wasted money, than other systems.

Được chứng nhận loại bỏ chất gây ô nhiễm theo tiêu chuẩn EPA


Certified to remove contaminates to EPA standards

First and only high capacity RO system 3rd party certified for removal of contaminates to EPA standards*

Hệ thống thông minh


Intelligent systems

All HANS water solutions are Wi-Fi compatible and provide the data your business needs – like water usage, pressure, TDS levels and filter life. All this data is on each module’s data screen, and it’s delivered in real time to a mobile device.


HANS systems can operate in two modes:


Mode 1: Flow Maintenance

System sensors adjust the variable-speed pumps as needed to keep up with a set flow rate (volume) rather than running at full speed only, thus saving energy. It’s ideal for facilities using a storage tank.


Mode 2: Pressure Maintenance

System sensors automatically adjust flow, as needed, to keep outlet pressure at a set value. It’s ideal for facilities that require water on demand rather than a storage tank.

Tiêu thụ năng lượng thấp



Low energy consumption

HANS uses only variable-speed DC motors controlled by sensors that detect water conditions. Motors run only as much as they have to, saving energy.

Dự phòng & bảo trì


Redundancy & maintenance

HANS modules also give you redundancy and easy maintenance. If one treatment module needs maintenance, the unit is simply bypassed, taken offline, serviced, then re-attached. No need to shut down the water system.



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