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Premium Treatment Module

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Product Line: HANS™ Premium Water
The HANS premium water treatment module is the ultimate in customizability and performance. Depending on business needs and water usage conditions, it can be a filter, carbon filter, iron filter or water softener, and it can also combine functions in a compact module.

Your business changes. Your water changes. Now there’s a water treatment module to handle all the variables.

  • Customized to your water conditions and needs with a variety of pre-treatment and post-treatment options
  • Pre-treat Options: Sediment filter, carbon filter, iron/arsenic filter, water softener or a combination of any two or three.
  • Post-treat Options: Calcite, de-ionization, sterile water
  • Multiple modules can be run in series, or in parallel, for higher flow applications
  • Easily connects to, and works seamlessly with, all other HANS modules

Thiết kế dạng mô-đun hiện đại



Nhiều cấu hình tùy chọn



Tùy chọn vật liệu lọc



Can be installed in series or parallel


Lắp đặt nối tiếp

Install in series

Lắp đặt song song

Install in parallel


Easily connects to, and works seamlessly with, all other HANS modules

Dễ dàng kết nối và hoạt động liền mạch với tất cả các mô-đun HANS khác nhau

Redundant Pump Module + pre-treatment module + RO module with recovery up to  95%


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