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AGF Pro Series

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Product Line: AMIAD

ATS Water Technology offers the AGF Pro, an advanced all polymeric media filter for an industry that provides excellent filtration efficiency by trapping the suspended particles through a bed of media in a pressurized tank. The AGF Pro is constructed with special synthetic materials and is corrosion-proof with excellent chemical resistance. The specially designed elliptical tank enables maximum filtration and exceptional cleanability.

  • Technology: Media
  • Type: Automatic
  • Flow rate: Up to 70 m3/h (308 GPM) per unit

The AGF Pro is lightweight and easy to install with no crane required. It offers a superior underdrain system with 55 diffuser nozzles, designed and positioned for optimal flushing efficiency. It has two user-friendly elliptical access ports for easy inspection and media loading/unloading and is equipped with detachable support legs to facilitate compact storage and economical shipping.


  • Constructed with special synthetic materials
  • Corrosion-proof and high chemical resistance*
  • Superior underdrain system designed with 55 diffuser nozzles
  • Two user-friendly elliptical access ports for easy inspection and media loading/unloading
  • Light weight for easy installation, no crane required
  • Detachable legs facilitate compact storage and economical shipping
  • Maximum operating pressure - 6 bar / 85 psi


Pressurized Media filters operate by trapping the suspended particles in unfiltered water as it flows through a bed of media in a pressurized tank. The recommended filter media are crushed basalt, crushed silica, quartz sand, AFM/Pep Active, and other catalytic media. The varying sizes of the media cause the water to flow through a maze of passages on its way through the media bed, from the inlet to the outlet of the filter. Due to the large volume and contact area between the water and the media particles, various physical forces go into effect and act to retain the contaminating particles. The efficiency of large particle retention is high as long as the media is kept clean. The catalytic media type applies additional chemical-physical attraction forces between the media and particles, especially those of organic nature, giving more efficient organic material removal. In addition, the round shaped particles degrade more quickly, and their cleaning requires less water in comparison with other media types.


During the filtration process, water enters the media filter system through the inlet manifold. It is cleaned by flowing through the media and is then discharged through the outlet manifold. During filtration, the valve inlet and outlet ports are open, while backwash drain ports are closed. Water flows from the top, over the distributor plate, then down through the media layer to the outlet, through the diffuser nozzles located in the bottom part of the filter.


During the backwash process, the inlet valve port closes and the backwash drain port opens, allowing reverse water flow through the filter. Downstream, clean filtered, pressurized water (from the other filters or a filtered water storage tank) flows into the bottom of the filter, lifting and fluidizing the media and releasing the accumulated dirt and debris, which is then flushed out through the backwash drain port and into the backwash manifold. The backwash restriction valve needs to be adjusted properly so that debris will be flushed out of the filter while the media, being of a higher density than the debris, will remain fluidized in the filter tank.


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